Child Abuse Services Team: Information for Law Enforcement

Thank you for visiting the CAST page for Law Enforcement. This page provides resources to help inform law enforcement about CAST Services. Below please find information about CAST as well as tools that you can download and keep for your reference.

About CAST:

CAST began in 1989 as a multi-disciplinary program for conducting child sexual abuse investigations. At that time, child victims underwent multiple interviews as part of the investigation of their case, resulting in greater trauma for the child.  CAST was created as a collaborative,  one-stop approach to conducting a child abuse investigation.

CAST’s coordinated on-site services allow law enforcement, deputy district attorneys, social services, medical services, and therapists to collaborate on an investigation at a single site–ultimately resulting in a more timely, consistent and thorough investigation.

The child-friendly environment at CAST serves to further reduce the trauma for the children engaging in services.  CAST is a place where the kids can feel safe, play comfortably, and have a special volunteer advocate keep them company to de-escalate the trauma of their situation.   Community donations of snacks, crafts, toys, games, and lunches are provided  for the care and comfort of the children. Each year over 1,000 children in Orange County receive services at CAST.

The Child Abuse Services Team is a member of the National Children’s Alliance and is a nationally recognized leader for its innovative, child-friendly approach to conducting child abuse investigations.


Please click here to view and download a brief video about CAST.

Please click here to download a PowerPoint Presentation about CAST services.