Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Orange County

The maltreatment of children has devastating, long-term, and generational consequences. It results in developmental and behavioral problems, social and cognitive disturbances, and psychological dysfunction. It makes it infinitely more difficult for children to realize their full potential and has a destructive effect on the community and society as a whole. This is why it is incredibly vital for us as individuals and as a community to encourage efforts and programs on child abuse prevention and treatment. Orange County, like many other places across the country, has been suffering from child abuse and its consequences for generations and it is up to us all to turn the tide.

Become a Volunteer at the Child Abuse Prevention Center, Orange County

For almost 30 years, the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center has been directly serving the needs of children at-risk of abuse, as well as families in crisis, providing child abuse prevention programs that seek to eliminate risk factors and cultivate instead the conditions that positively impact a child’s and a family’s well-being. If you want to take part in efforts towards preventing child abuse in Orange County, you can volunteer your time and/or resources, help support our campaigns and events, and help spread the word about the ways people can support programs on child abuse prevention and treatment. Orange County needs you.

Please browse through the site for more information on child abuse prevention and treatment at the center and what you can do! The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center is here to help.