Since 1983, the Child Abuse Prevention Center has built its foundation on innovative in-home parenting and prevention programs for families at-risk of abuse. The Prevention Center was born out of five years of research, fundraising, and the tireless work of a multitude of members from 30 Orange County Exchange Clubs. Over our 33-year history, we have grown from a single volunteer based parent-aide program to a large, diverse, and talented organization employing more than 100 professional staff, two-thirds of whom provide direct services to clients. At present, we manage 12 programs, each designed to meet specific community needs.

Since our founding, we have provided services to more than 300,000 children and parents in our community.  Last year, our programs directly served over 7,000 children and families from all walks of life–each of them coming to us to help break the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect.

The devastating effects of child abuse can last a lifetime. The Child Abuse Prevention Center believes that by providing our clients with the necessary tools to be successful parents, we will continue to break the cycle of child abuse and bring Orange County kids a brighter future in a loving home.