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Every year, 48,000 incidents of child abuse are reported in Orange County alone. The Child Abuse Prevention Center (“CAPC”) needs your help to protect the children in our community who are counting on us for support.

With our End of Year Campaign, our goal is to take 100 families off our waiting list by raising $100,000 from October 1st to December 31st.  Will you and/or your company help us to make a positive change in these families lives?  Here is how simple it can be to help our families:

  1. Make a personal gift, at any level. Your contribution will help children and families in our programs receive care and counseling that can put them on the path to a brighter future. Feel confident in knowing that $0.93 of every dollar donated goes directly to our child abuse prevention programs.
  1. Within your work/company, for every sale made, the sales person and/or organization put $1-$5 in a bucket.
  1. Within your work/company, ask your customers to donate $1-$5 to CAPC in return for a discount coupon for a future service/order.
  1. Jean Day – every time an employee wants to wear jeans during these months they put $1-$5 in a bucket
  1. Grass roots style – each staff member uses CAPC’s online fundraising tool to raise a monetary value that they create their goal to be.  For example, if someone wants to raise $1,000, CAPC would set them up with their own webpage so they can send emails out to their family and friends for them to donate toward their goal to take a family off our waiting list.

Thank you for your contribution and for joining us in the fight against child abuse. Let’s make this a great year for Orange County’s children!

To learn more about our Center and what we do, please visit view a few of our videos below:

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