Group Services, Panels, and Seminars

  • Teen Voices Teen Choices – provides an interactive seminar focused on the important issue of teen dating violence presented to 7th through 12th grade students. Our goal is to create a learning experience in which students learn what dating violence is, how to recognize unhealthy relationships, understand why it may be difficult to leave a violent/abusive relationship, and learn about available resources for support and information.

    Susan Jaeckel Program Coordinator of Teen Voices/Teen Choices

  • Helping Kids Cope – is a one-time co-parenting workshop designed to teach parents how to minimize the negative and potentially long-term effects of parental separation or divorce on their children and how to develop the skills needed to form a workable, co-parenting relationship.
  • Parent to Parent – This 10-week course is designed to provide parents of children ages 0-12 years of age with valuable parenting skills to address a variety of areas concerned with a child’s development and behavior.  The course will provide parents with the skills necessary to address issues such as developmental milestones, language development, attention, learning and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Our program offers a unique class structure where parents can participate in small-group discussions while receiving guidance from our experienced educators. After completion of the course parents will have the skills and tools necessary to properly address behavior issues and become even better parents. ALL classes are FREE and open to any parent living in Orange County!

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