Mental Health Programs

In-Home Crisis Stabilization 

  • This program is comprised of a team of clinicians and mental health workers who offer short-term, in-home therapy and case management services. In partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency, our team is available 24/7 to support children and families in crisis. The focus of the In-Home Crisis Intervention program is to keep the family unit together in the best interest of the child by providing immediate crisis response, offering short-term in-home therapy, providing case management and rehabilitation services, maintaining family stabilization, and preventing hospitalization and/or out of home placement.

In-Home Mental Health

  • This program serves at-risk individuals and families with mental health services in their homes.  Partially funded by the United Way, our mental health therapists work with each family on a weekly basis to provide assessment, treatment planning, intervention, resource referrals and other support services. The In-Home Mental Health program offers services to families in need by providing services regardless of finances, transportation, child care or lack of insurance; providing support through mental health therapy/counseling services; assisting families in improving their social and emotional functioning; and connecting families with ongoing support through community resources.

Well Program

  • Outreach Services: promote mental health and wellness for children and teens in unserved and underserved communities by raising awareness and increasing knowledge of protective and risk factors that affect children’s mental health.
  • Engagement Services : assess children’s and family’s mental health & other service needs, providing brief intervention and supportive services, and linking clients to community based resources to build protective factors and ameliorate risk factors
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