Parenting Services

Parent Empowerment Programs

Our In-Home Parent Empowerment Programs deliver critically-needed, life-altering parenting strategies and education to struggling families in their own homes. At the heart of these programs, which can last up to 12 months, is intensive, one-on-one educational sessions designed to interrupt the cycle of abuse and keep families together.

  • Infant Home Visitation serves high risk families, with an infant up to 17 months old that could benefit from a program that includes parent education and linkages to community resources.  Program caseworkers provide services to client families every two weeks.  Services are offered in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.  Caseworkers provide developmental screenings and educate parents about home and car safety, breastfeeding, nutrition, immunizations, healthy development, effective play activities, postpartum depression, oral health, and early literacy.  The ultimate goal of the program is to enhance bonding and attachment between parents and their children.
  • Toddler Home Visitation provides a three to six month program that utilizes triple P (POSITIVE PARENTING PROGRAM) for high-risk children ages 18 months to 5 years of age.  The program promotes improved quality and positive relationships between parents and children, positive behavior with hands-on practice sessions, and effective age-appropriate communication strategies via modeling positive, consistent and decisive ways to manage program behavior.

Specialty Focused Services

  •  Monitored Visitation focuses on providing safe and secure interactions for children and their non-custodial parents. Visits are monitored by Prevention Center caseworkers who provide regular reports and updates to the Orange County Social Services Agency. Visits with parents or caregivers are scheduled by our staff and transportation for children to and from visits is also provided.  The program is a six month service, where cases are only referred by social services. The purpose of the program is to provide a safe place for children and their non-custodial parents to visit while also providing feedback to the Social Services Agency.
  • In-Home Coach Program supports biological parents in crisis to obtain skills and support systems necessary to prevent further involvement with the Orange County Social Services Agency through culturally sensitive individualized in home parent education and support services. The program is a six week service where cases are only referred by social workers. The purpose of the program is to provide parents with education and resources needed to prevent future involvement with the Social Services Agency.
  • Neighbor to Neighbor is a collaborative of agencies working together to outreach families in the Orange County community. We work with families to help them find free services and resources in their own neighborhood.  This outreach program’s main focus is to engage families that are at risk of committing child abuse and providing them the resources and services they need to prevent the abuse from occurring.

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