Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center

Protecting children from abuse is the primary goal of the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center. Child abuse is often inter-generational, with a significant percentage of abusive parents having been abused as children – stopping abuse before it occurs is the most important step towards breaking this destructive cycle.

Since the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center was established in 1983, our organization has developed a range of programs whose aim is to help families break the cycle of abuse and to foster the creation of healthier environments for children. We have aided more than 215,000 children in the span of almost three decades and, with the help of volunteers and concerned citizens like yourself, we can help many more in the years to come.

Proactive Efforts for Child Abuse Prevention in Orange County

The Child Abuse Prevention Center works directly with families who are at risk of child abuse and neglect. Our programs include providing basic household necessities to families; educating parents on parenting strategies and providing support, all in the familiar surroundings of their own homes; and helping victims of child abuse serving as their advocate. The Center also offers various group services, panels and seminars designed to educate individuals and groups on issues such as teen dating violence prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and helping children cope with parental separation or divorce.

For more information on Orange County child abuse prevention and to find out how you can make a contribution, check out the events calendar and the “Donate” and “Help” pages. You can also contact the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center directly at (714) 543-4333 or at

[email protected].