Orange County Child Abuse

The number of incidences of Orange County child abuse is high with over 38,000 reports in 2010 alone – and that’s only the cases that have been reported. There are many other occurrences of Orange County child abuse that have been unreported or misreported through the years and there are surely adults in the community today who are victims of child abuse and still cannot speak out about the maltreatment that they experienced.

Child abuse is destructive and insidious and its consequences affect not only the child, but also the community and, more often than not, the child victim’s own future children. The statistics for victims of child abuse present a bleak picture: in one study, for example, 80 percent of 21-year-olds who were victims of child abuse were found to have met the diagnostic criteria for at least one psychological disorder. Another study showed that abused and neglected children tended to perform poorly in school and suffered more cognitive difficulties than the general population.

Find Out How You Can Prevent Child Abuse in Orange County & Beyond

All children deserve the chance to grow up in a safe and nurturing home environment. Denying them that right, whether through neglect and/or physical, sexual or emotional abuse, will often have tragic consequences.

If you want to help in child abuse prevention and treatment-Orange County, the help you extend will benefit not just one child, but generations of children. Help break the cycle of abuse today – learn more about the child abuse prevention programs of the Child Abuse Prevention Center here on this site and contact us for more information.