Prevent Child Abuse by being a Social Media Ambassador!

Helping to prevent child abuse in Orange County does not necessarily mean you are obligated to donate money, volunteer, or even attend one of our many fundraising events (although we would always encourage and welcome your participation in any of these).

You can easily help prevent child abuse by being a social media ambassador for the Child Abuse Prevention Center.  Simply follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter, and help us by liking, commenting or sharing/retweeting our posts with your followers.

How does this help prevent child abuse?  Our Center is dependent on generous donations (both monetary and in-kind donations of goods), selfless volunteers, and attendance at our events to raise money to help families at risk of child abuse or neglect.  By engaging with our social media sites, you are helping to spread the message from our Center by making our posts more viral.  Maybe one of your followers will be our next big supporter or volunteer!

You may think that your followers wouldn’t be the types to donate to a non-profit, but you would be wrong.  The Child Abuse Prevention Center offers a wide range of events that would appeal to almost any person and income level.  Of course we have our Annual Bright Futures Celebration gala each April, and our Charity Golf Classic in the Summer, but we also have exclusive movie screenings, casino nights, restaurant nights, running races, even an event at Disneyland.   For a list of our upcoming and past events, click here.

Please consider being a social media ambassador for the Child Abuse Prevention Center.  It’s a way to help children in Orange County without spending a dime or even leaving your chair.  If you would like to learn more about the Center, feel free to explore our website, or email us at [email protected].  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you!

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