School Readiness


Young Girl Playing With Wooden Building BlocksSchool Readiness is a customized program for kids ages 0-6 and their families to ensure healthy child development and preparation for school.



School Readiness is…

  1. A source of support for healthy child development that encourages social and emotional wellbeing during the earliest years of life
  2. A program that will come to the home and assist with concerns regarding child health and development
  3. A way to connect families to services that support healthy child development and emotional wellbeing
  4. A source of education, coaching and support for parents
  5. A program that provides all services at NO COST!
For more information about School Readiness, please visit To enroll in the School Readiness program, e-mail [email protected]; or call 1-855-955-5092.


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Funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency, Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention Division, MHSA/Prop. 63