September is Baby Safety Month!

It’s Baby Safety Month!

Baby CopySeptember is baby safety month! Your baby is a great new addition to your life, but as they grow you may not know what to expect or what steps to take to keep them safe. Baby safety month is a great opportunity and reminder to educate yourself on the best ways to keep your baby safe and happy, and we’re here to help! Below are some helpful tips on baby safety from 0-6 months.

Baby Safety Tips

  • Your baby is extremely sensitive to anything you feed them or put on their skin.
  • Your baby is safest when you put them on their back to sleep.
  • Your baby’s throat and airway are very small, and they can easily choke, even on very small things.
  • Your baby will try to reach, grab or touch anything, even if it’s hot. Always test the temperature of bath water and/or anything you give your baby to eat or drink. Put your baby in a playpen or another safe place when you are cooking.
  • Your baby could drown without a sound. If your baby falls over in the bathtub, they wouldn’t be able to lift themselves back up, and can drown very quickly, even in a few inches of water. Always supervise your baby when they are in the bathtub.
  • Your baby will be wiggling, kicking their legs, moving their arms, and they will be able to roll from side to side. Always keep a hand on your baby when you place them on a changing table and don’t use a baby walker-they can tip over and are dangerous around stairs.
  •  Every time your baby is in a car, they need to be properly buckled into a rear-facing infant or convertible car safety seat in the back seat.

Don’t forget to…

Always remember to expect the unexpected and be aware of your baby’s surroundings, especially as they gain more mobility.

Never underestimate what they can or might try to do!

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