Teen Voices, Teen Choices Thank You Notes

Below are some wonderful thank you notes to speakers in our Teen Voices, Teen Choices program.

Thank you so much for being a courageous young woman and volunteering your time to help other young people! You gave my Santiago students an unforgettable day! You are a true teen role model. I wish you the best in ALL you do! Much respect!

I thank you for coming to our class and talking to us about teen pregnancy. I’m glad I now know more than what I knew before.

Thank you for coming. I love your story it definitely taught me a lot about being a teen mom. I hope you can visit again next time to talk more about your son. He seemed so cute. I hope the best for you and your son.

Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk about teen pregnancy. I know it may be hard for you to talk about your struggles but your courage was great enough to come. It takes a good heart to take out of your free time to come and show us a good message. Thank you.

Other than my mom, you are the greatest and most courageous woman I have ever met in my life. There are endless words to describe you and your story has changed my life.

Teen Girls

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